The New Atlantic Initiative
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The New Atlantic Initiative

The New Atlantic Initiative
In trade, investment, and economic cooperation, Americans and Europeans continue to work closely for mutual benefit. Yet statism, protectionism, and the socialist impulse are far from entirely defeated.

In political-security affairs, moreover, there is evidence of drift. Europe's desire for self-reliance mixes dangerously with the motives of those who wish the new Europe to emerge as a counterweight and strategic rival to the United States.

The New Atlantic Initiative (NAI) of the American Enterprise Institute is an international nonpartisan network of think-tanks, business leaders, journalists, and prominent political and cultural figures dedicated to revitalizing and expanding the Atlantic community of democracies. The NAI's central objective is to strengthen Atlantic cooperation and to combat the dangerous drift and self-absorption that infect American and European politics.

The New Atlantic Initiative seeks to do this by bringing together Americans and Europeans to work toward common goals including:

  • The reinvigoration of Atlantic institutions of political cooperation and consultation.
  • The admission of Europe's fledgling democracies into the institutions of Atlantic defense and European economic cooperation, notably NATO and the European Union.
  • The promotion of free markets and free trade between an enlarged European Union and the North American Free Trade Area.

The New Atlantic Initiative's Patrons

Vaclav Havel
Margaret Thatcher
Helmut Schmidt
Leszek Balcerowicz
Henry Kissinger
George Shultz

Cooperating Institutions

Ari Movement (Istanbul)
Atlantic Club of Bulgaria (Sofia)
Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom (London)
Bohemiae Foundation (Prague)
Center for Democracy and Human Rights (Podgorica)
Center for the New Europe (Brussels)
Centre for European Reform (London)
Civic Institute (Prague)
Freedom House
German Marshall Fund of the United States (Washington)
Hudson Institute (Washington)
Institute for Public Affairs (Bratislava)
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (Jerusalem)
Karamanlis Institute (Athens)
Paradigmes (Paris)
Project for the New American Century (Washington)
Slovak Atlantic Commission (Bratislava)
U.S. Committee on NATO (Washington)