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Books in English:

The Conservative Movement in Judaism: Dilemmas and Opportunities
Daniel J. Elazar and Rela Mintz Geffen
This book analyzes the problems facing the religious movement with the largest synagogue membership in the American Jewish community and outlines a plan of action for the future. Remedying these problems will benefit not just American, but all world Jewry. (SUNY Press, 2000).

The Jewish Experience of Time: Philosophical Dimensions of the Jewish Holy Days
Eliezer Schweid
Winner of the Israel Prize in Jewish Thought, Prof. Schweid presents a systemized overall view of how the sequence of time is structured in the Jewish calendar. (Jason Aronson, 2000).

Still Moving: Recent Jewish Migration in Comparative Perspective
Daniel J. Elazar and Morton Weinfeld, eds.
A study of new styles of Jewish migration in the world today and their impact on public policy. (Transaction Publishers, 2000).

The New Zealand Jewish Community
Stephen Levine
A study of one of the most exotic Jewish communities in the world, prepared as part of the Jerusalem Center's worldwide Study of Jewish Community Organization project. (Lexington Books, 1999)

The Director had a Heart Attack and the President Resigned: A Handbook on Board-Staff Relations
Gerald Bubis
This volume offers a solid manual on how to deal with the realities and practicalities of board-staff relations, principally but not exclusively in Jewish organizations. It contains thoughtful articles dealing with the issues of the governance of non-profit organizations and board-staff relations of those non-profits. Also included are over fifty scenarios from real life, short case studies of true situations which touch on most of the problems that volunteers and professionals confront in the course of their working together. A third section contains tools and exercises for dealing with different kinds of board and staff problems. (JCPA, 1999) 368 pp.; $24.50 - NIS100.

Constitutionalizing Globalization
Daniel J. Elazar
This book documents the revival of federal arrangements around the world and the development of appropriate global and regional constitutional mechanisms and controls that are part of a general shift from modern statism to postmodern federalism. (Rowman & Littlefield, 1998) 258 pp.; $23.95 - NIS90.

Covenant and Civil Society: The Constitutional Matrix of Modern Democracy
Volume 4 of the Covenant Tradition in Politics
Daniel J. Elazar
This volume explores the idea of political compact, constitutional systems, popular sovereignty, and the development of consociational and cooperative forms of political and social organization, especially in modern and early postmodern Europe. (Transaction Publishers, 1998) 382 pp.; $54.95 - NIS220.

Covenant and Constitutionalism: The Great Frontier and the Matrix of Federal Democracy
Volume 3 of the Covenant Tradition in Politics
Daniel J. Elazar
The ancient biblical idea of covenant gave birth to the late medieval Protestant pursuit of commonwealth in a polity constructed on the proper covenantal principles. These principles subsequently were transformed into the foundations of modern civil society that was given its best political form through constitutionalism. The way in which these ideas were transformed by modernity is the subject of this book. (Transaction Publishers, 1998) 300 pp.; $50 - NIS185.

Israel at the Polls, 1996
Shmuel Sandler and Daniel J. Elazar, eds.
The sixth volume in JCPA's "Israel at the Polls" series analyzing Israeli Knesset elections since 1977. (Frank Cass [London], 1998) 288 pp.; $22.50 - NIS85.

Jewish Centers and Peripheries: Europe between America and Israel 50 Years After World War II
S. Ilan Troen, ed.
This book examines the reemergence of European Jewry at the end of the twentieth century, through thoughtful articles written by scholars, senior community professionals, volunteer leaders, and former diplomats from Europe, Israel, and America. (Transaction Publishers, 1998) 440 pp.; Hardcover $40 - NIS165.

Kinship and Consent: The Jewish Political Tradition and Its Contemporary Uses
Daniel J. Elazar, ed.
Major scholars, leaders in their fields, explore the Jewish political tradition from their several disciplinary perspectives from biblical times to the present. The essays collected here demonstrate the connections between the earliest days of the Jewish political tradition through the expression of that tradition in the Land of Israel and in exile to modern and contemporary times. Third edition, revised and expanded. (Transaction Publishers, 1997) 630 pp.; $29.95 - NIS110.

A Classification System for Libraries of Judaica
David H. Elazar and Daniel J. Elazar
The third revised edition of the Elazar Classification System, first invented and applied in 1952 to allow for the cataloging of materials in any Judaica collection based on internal Jewish criteria. The system has been adopted throughout the Jewish world for use in libraries in synagogues, community centers, Hebrew schools, college campuses, and research institutions. (Jason Aronson, 1997) 264 pp.; $50 - NIS185.

Monographs in English:

American Jewish Leaders View Board-Staff Relations
Gerald B. Bubis and Steven M. Cohen
The first study of its kind conducted in the American Jewish community, this monograph probes the thinking of 830 national and local professional and volunteer leaders in UJA, CJF, UIA, Federations, Jewish Community Centers, Community Relations Councils, and Family Services. Based on a social scientific survey, it reports on the issues which most frequently cause difficulties between board and staff members including views on their respective power, how well they perform their jobs, and what they perceive as points of agreement and conflict.(JCPA, 1998) 48 pp.; $12.50 - NIS50.

The Effect of Class Heterogeneity on Scholastic Achievement in Israel
Victor Lavy
An economic and statistical analysis of the effects of different social levels on scholastic achievement. (Milken Center for the Study of Educational Systems, 1997) 65 pp.; NIS25.

How European Jewish Communities Can Choose and Plan Their Own Future
Daniel J. Elazar and Shmuel Trigano
This report discusses the shape of postmodern Europe and the revival of European Jewry, and the place of European Jewry in world Jewish affairs. (JCPA and Institute of the World Jewish Congress, 1998) 32 pp.; NIS7.50.

Partnership 2000 in the Eyes of Its North American Participants: An Exploratory Study
Raviv Schwartz
Partnership 2000 is a program undertaken by the Jewish Agency for Israel to twin diaspora Jewish communities with regions throughout Israel. This study looks at the program primarily from the perspective of its North American participants. (JCPA, 1999) 79pp.; $12 - NIS50.

Post-Soviet Jewry: Critical Issues
Betsy Gidwitz
This report offers a summary comprehensive overview of Jewish life in the FSU today and how it developed over the past ten years. Its author is not only a recognized expert in Soviet matters, but has traveled extensively throughout the former Soviet Union on fact-finding missions connected with the very practical tasks of helping the Jews there either to leave or to survive locally. (JCPA, 1999) 80 pp.; $14 - NIS55.

"Post-Zionist" Philanthropists: Emerging Attitudes of American Jewish Leaders toward Communal Allocations
Steven M. Cohen and Gerald B. Bubis
This report examines the changing attitudes of the voluntary and professional leadership of Federations and the Federation "family" of organizations regarding the allocation of American Jewish communal resources mobilized through federated giving to Israel. It reveals a growing feeling on the part of both that they have domestic needs that must take priority within the framework of the world Jewish polity that emerged after 1967. (JCPA, 1998) 44pp.; $14.50 - NIS60.

Religious Zionists in Jerusalem (English and Hebrew)
This detailed study looks at the role of religious Zionists in the city, a fourth major population group (after ultra-Orthodox Jews, secular Jews, and Arabs), who serve as a bridging element between the secular and ultra-Orthodox. (JCPA, 1998) 62 pp.; NIS35.

Serving the Jewish Polity: The Application of Jewish Political Theory to Jewish Communal Practice
Gerald B. Bubis, Daniel J. Elazar, and Melvin L. Silberman, eds.
A handbook for the use of teachers and students in the schools and programs of Jewish communal service in the United States. (JCPA, 1997) 265 pp.

Jerusalem Letters - 1996-Present

Jewish Political Studies Review

Forthcoming Books in English:

Halakhic Solutions to the Problems of Agunot (English and Hebrew)
Sharon Shenhav, ed.
The proceedings of a path-breaking seminar organized by the International Women's Human Rights Watch in July 1998, seeking to end discrimination against Jewish women in marriage and divorce under Jewish law. (JCPA and International Council of Jewish Women, 1999).

Israel at the Polls, 1999
Ben Mollov and Daniel J. Elazar, eds.
The seventh volume in JCPA's "Israel at the Polls" series analyzing Israeli Knesset elections since 1977. (Frank Cass [London], 2000).

Local Government in Israel (English and Hebrew)
Daniel J. Elazar and Chaim Kalchheim, eds.
A fully-revised edition of the definitive text on local government in Israel, first published in 1987.

Books In Hebrew:

Local Government in Israel (Hebrew and English)
Daniel J. Elazar and Chaim Kalchheim, eds.
A fully-revised edition of the definitive text on local government in Israel, first published in 1987.

Adat Bnai Yisrael (The Jewish Polity: Jewish Political Organization from Biblical Times to the Present) (Hebrew)
Daniel J. Elazar and Stuart A. Cohen
This volume reviews the Jewish political tradition from its biblical beginnings to the present day. The tradition is illuminated in its various epochs by identifying how its principles and modes of action were embodied in the institutions of the Jewish people over their long history. (Rubin Mass, Ltd., 1997) 310 pp.; NIS72.

Immigration and Its Impact on the State of Israel (Hebrew)
The proceedings of a 1997 conference exploring such issues as the challenge of illegal foreign workers in Israel, and the impact of immigration on the labor market, the environment, and the educational and health systems. (JCPA and Konrad Adenauer Foundation, 1998) 138 pp.; NIS35.

The Israeli Health Care System Toward the Year 2000: The National Health Insurance Law � Expectations and Lessons (Hebrew-English)
The proceedings of an October 1996 conference to assess the impact of Israel's new national health law. (JCPA and Konrad Adenauer Foundation, 1997) 142 pp.; NIS35.

Law Enforcement in Israel: Toward the 21st Century (Hebrew)
The proceedings of a March 1998 conference on future trends and directions for law enforcement in Israel. (JCPA and Konrad Adenauer Foundation, 1999) 124 pp.; NIS35.

Local Government in the Framework of a Democratic State (Hebrew)
Chaim Kalchheim
This book analyzes the interrelationships between the central government and local governments in Israel, drawing a detailed picture of local governments as having significant autonomous powers which extend beyond their assumed lines of authority as specified in law. (JCPA, 1997) 201 pp.; NIS35.

Practical Privatization: Lessons from Cities and Markets (Hebrew-English)
The proceedings of a June 1998 conference on Practical Privatization in Local Government sponsored by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and the Milken Institute, this volume, one of the first of its kind, outlines how outsourcing and privatization can be used by Israel's local authorities to improve their ability to deliver quality services to their residents at lower cost. (JCPA and the Milken Institute, 1999) 122 pp. in Hebrew and 51 pp. in English. NIS 35.

Monographs in Hebrew:

Assessment of Local Authorities' Role Toward Decentralization and Privatization of the Educational Administration (Hebrew)
Dan Inbar and Maya Choshen
The report analyzes the objectives and implications of the process of decentralization of education authority from central government to local government. (Milken Center for the Study of Educational Systems, 1997) 158 pp., NIS35.

Direct Election of the Prime Minister (Hebrew)
Baruch Susser
This article deals with the lessons to be learned from the change in the Basic Law: the Government which enabled direct election of the Israeli prime minister for the first time in the 1996 elections. It also discusses how this change has affected the style of Israeli political life. (JCPA, 1997) 31 pp.; NIS15.

Emigration from Israel (Hebrew)
Asher Friedberg
Included here are most of the empirical studies, reports and surveys of Israeli emigrants conducted in Israel and abroad, as well as research and newspaper articles on the subject. Specific topics include demographic and economic aspects, Israeli students abroad, emigration among new immigrants to Israel, and government policy regarding emigration. (JCPA, 1996) 99 pp.; NIS25.

Gray Education in Israel in the 1990s (Hebrew)
Erik and Einat Cohen
This is a comprehensive study of the widespread phenomenon of supplementary classes in Israeli schools paid for directly by parents (and not the Ministry of Education). The report analyzes the reasons for this phenomenon, its administrative aspects, and the influence of parental involvement in the schools, from the perspective of principals, students, teachers, and parents. (Milken Center for the Study of Educational Systems, 1997) 184 pp.; NIS35.

Law Enforcement in the 21st Century: Projections and Forecasts for Israeli Society at the Turn of the Century (Hebrew; 2 vols.)
A forecast of the face of law enforcement in Israel in the coming decades with recommendations for deployment to meet future needs, covering such areas as economics, society, minorities, law, government and politics, science and technology, and internal security. (Israel Ministry of Public Security, S. Neaman Institute at the Technion, and JCPA, 1997) 507 pp.; NIS15 (Mailing charge).

Religious Zionists in Jerusalem (Hebrew and English)
This detailed study looks at the role of religious Zionists in the city, a fourth major population group (after ultra-Orthodox Jews, secular Jews, and Arabs), who serve as a bridging element between the secular and ultra-Orthodox. (JCPA, 1998) 62 pp.; NIS35.

Survey of Academics and 12th Graders in the Druze Sector (Hebrew)
This is the first comprehensive and reliable survey of its kind in Israel on all degree-holders in the Druze sector, according to village, profession, work status, income, and pos