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Governing World Jewry
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Reinventing World Jewry
Understanding the Jewish Agency
"Post-Zionist" Philanthropists
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Major Knesset Debates
Constitution of Israel
Israel and Its Neighbors
Tower of Babble
The Iraq War
Hatred's Kingdom
Jerusalem in International Diplomacy
Recognition of a Palestinian State
Fundamentalist Islam
Two Peoples-One Land
Israeli-Palestinian Relations
Israel - Economy
The Application of Environmental Finance in the Israeli Setting
Methods and Models of Privatization
Privatization and Workers' Rights
Privatization in Local Government
Financing Urban Infrastructure
Capital Market Reforms
Increasing Competition
Practical Privatization
From Ideology to Stagnation
Israel - Politics
Israel at the Polls, 1999
Israel at the Polls, 1996
Israel at the Polls, 1992
Israel - Society
Illegal Construction in Jerusalem
Religious Zionists in Jerusalem
The Sephardim Today
Israel's New Future
Jewish Communities Worldwide
American Jewry's Challenge
Jews and the American Public Square: Debating
Religion as a Public Good
Europe's Crumbling Myths
American Communal Agencies and Religious Movements
Europe 50 Years after World War II
Organizational Dynamics of American Jewry
Organizational Dynamics of World Jewry
Post-Soviet Jewry
Jewish Migration
New Zealand Jewry
The Conservative Movement
Jewish Political Tradition
The Jewish Polity
Kinship and Consent
Biblical Political Tradition
Covenant and Polity
Covenant and Commonwealth
Covenant and Constitutionalism
Covenant and Civil Society
Jewish Thought
Searching for Meaning in the Holocaust
Classification System for Libraries of Judaica
The Jewish Experience of Time
Federal Solutions to World Problems
Commonwealth: The Other Road to Democracy
Constitutionalizing Globalization
Federal Systems of the World
Federalism and the Way to Peace
Israel's Educational System
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Governing World Jewry

BOOK PHOTO The Director had a Heart Attack and the President Resigned: A Handbook on Board-Staff Relations
Gerald B. Bubis
This volume offers a solid manual on how to deal with the realities and practicalities of board-staff relations, principally but not exclusively in Jewish organizations. It contains thoughtful articles dealing with the issues of the governance of non-profit organizations and board-staff relations of those non-profits. Also included are over fifty scenarios from real life, short case studies of true situations which touch on most of the problems that volunteers and professionals confront in the course of their working together. A third section contains tools and exercises for dealing with different kinds of board and staff problems. (JCPA, 1999) 368 pp.
     Softcover $25 - NIS100

BOOK PHOTO Reinventing World Jewry: How to Design the World Jewish Polity
Daniel J. Elazar and JCPA Staff
This report outlines the institutional and functional basis of the world Jewish polity today and proposes an institutional basis for restructuring the world Jewish arena based on the tasks and functions it must be prepared to undertake. (JCPA, 1996) 200 pp.
     Softcover $21 - NIS 45

BOOK PHOTO Understanding the Jewish Agency: A Handbook, 3rd ed.
Daniel J. Elazar and Andrea S. Arbel
The most important institutional task facing the Jewish people today is creating a proper structure and process of governance for the emergent world Jewish polity. As the major institutional link between the State of Israel and the diaspora communities, the reconstituted Jewish Agency stands at the nexus of this effort. Originally published as the first book-length guide to the Jewish Agency in 1984, the fully-updated Third Edition gives a comprehensive overview of this important political instrumentality's history, evolution, present-day structure, activities, and relationship with world Jewry, complete with detailed charts and tables. (JCPA, 1993) 187 pp.
     English Edition - Softcover $21 - NIS 60
     Hebrew Edition - Softcover $21 - NIS 45

BOOK PHOTO "Post-Zionist" Philanthropists: Emerging Attitudes of American Jewish Leaders toward Communal Allocations
Steven M. Cohen and Gerald B. Bubis
This report examines the changing attitudes of the voluntary and professional leadership of Federations and the Federation "family" of organizations regarding the allocation of American Jewish communal resources mobilized through federated giving to Israel. It reveals a growing feeling on the part of both that they have domestic needs that must take priority within the framework of the world Jewish polity that emerged after 1967. (JCPA, 1998) 44 pp.
     Softcover $14.50 - NIS60

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Israel - Constitution and Government

BOOK PHOTO Major Knesset Debates, 1948-1981 (6 Volumes)
Edited by Netanel Lorch
This work presents, for the first time in English, key selections from the Knesset debates about all of the major events in Israel's first 33 years, from its first legislative bodies - the Peoples Council and the Provisional Council of the state - through the Ninth Knesset. The debates have been selected and edited by the eminent Israeli historian, Ambassador Netanel Lorch. (JCPA & University Press of America, 1992) 2,516 pp.
     Six volumes, Hardcover, $350 (from publisher)

BOOK PHOTO The Constitution of the State of Israel 1996-5756
Edited by Daniel J. Elazar
Although Israel does not have a single complete constitutional document, in its 45 years of statehood the Jewish state has developed an operative constitution of its own, embodied in a set of written texts that reflect the political system on which the state is based. The texts are collected and presented here for what they are - Israel's operative constitution that determines the basic operations of the Israeli polity, the basic rules of governance enforced by those empowered to execute and enforce the law and, as such, interpreted by the courts as a constitution. (JCPA, 1996) 95 pages (Hebrew & English editions)
     Softcover $10 - NIS 25

Israel and Its Neighbors

BOOK PHOTO Tower of Babble
Dore Gold
Anti-American and antidemocratic forces have hijacked the UN and put America and its allies at risk. It is absurd to look to the UN to fight aggression, combat terrorism, and preserve global order. The UN is an abject failure - a fatally flawed organization that has actually accelerated and spread global chaos. And it is dominated by anti-Western forces, dictatorships, state sponsors of terrorism, and America's worst enemies. (Crown Forum, 2004) 310 pp., ill., maps

BOOK PHOTO The Iraq War: Hidden Agendas and Babylonian Intrigue
Raphael Israeli
The fallout from the Iraq War in 2003 has been widespread. The US finds itself under siege in Iraq; the Iraqi State is ruled by chaos, corruption and terrorism; and the hunt for weapons of mass destruction has been relentlessly debated in the media.

Through the prism of the three major conflicts during Saddam's regime - the Iran-Iraq War, the Gulf War (1991) and the climax to Middle East tensions, the War in Iraq (2003) - Raphael Israeli exposes the tyranny, deception and terror synonymous with the Ba'ath regime. Focusing on Iraq's demographic populations - the Shi'ites in the south, the Kurdish north, and the Sunni ruling minority - the author documents the difficulties America faces internally as rulers of an occupied land, and internationally as a perceived unilateralist aggressor. Hidden Agendas and Babylonian Intrigue contains revealing insights into Saddam's nuclear, chemical and biological programs, his sponsorship of terrorist groups, and his collaboration with other countries, including Syria and France. Testimonies of scientists, along with Israeli's intelligent analysis, expose the true scale of WMD proliferation in Ba'athist Iraq.

The term 'Babylonian intrigue' is used to describe the confusion, chaos and misinterpretation of language that has taken hold in the aftermath of the war. The author provides a penetrating analysis of the social, political, economic and strategic ruptures the Iraq War has caused in inter-Arab relations and the Islamic world. The book concludes with an evaluation of who won and who gained from this war, and what the future holds for Iraqis, Muslims and the West. (Sussex Academic Press, 2004) 275 pp.

Hatred's Kingdom
In Hatred's Kingdom, Middle East expert Dore Gold provides the startling evidence of how Saudi Arabia not only is linked to terror but in fact has spawned the current wave of global terrorism. Using previously unpublished documents, Gold, the former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, exposes how the deeply ingrained hatred that has provoked the new terrorism has its roots in Saudi Arabia's dominant religious creed, a radical Islamic offshoot known as Wahhabism. (Regnery Publishing, 2003), 300 pp.

BOOK PHOTO Jerusalem in International Diplomacy
Dore Gold
     Internet Version
An examination of Israel's position in Jerusalem through the study of the historical record and diplomatic documents. (JCPA, 2001) 84 pp. incl. 5 maps

BOOK PHOTO International Recognition of a Unilaterally Declared Palestinian State: Legal and Policy Dilemmas
Tal Becker
     Internet Version
Countries such as China, Russia, India, and Indonesia -- that may be inclined recognize a unilaterally declared Palestinian state -- should think twice about doing so, lest this be used as a precedent for secessionist movements in their own countries. (JCPA, 2000) 55 pp.      NIS55

Fundamentalist Islam and Israel
BOOK PHOTO Raphael Israeli
This book provides an in-depth account and analysis of Islamic fundamentalism today, a powerful religious movement having the most far-reaching goals, and how it has an impact on Israel's relations with the Arab and Islamic worlds. What Professor Israeli has to say is important not only for Israelis, but for the whole Western world, which now confronts revivalist Islam, not only in the Middle East but in Europe itself, and even in such far-flung fragments of European civilization as the united Sates and Australia. While the West has yet to learn how to deal with this movement, this book should be a great help in developing a proper understanding and a proper strategy to do so. (JCPA & University Press of America, 1993) 220 pp.
     Softcover $21.50 - NIS 64

BOOK PHOTO Political and Structural Arrangements in the New Era of Israeli-Palestinian Relations
Conference Proceedings, December 1993
After the Oslo Agreement between Israel and the PLO, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation sponsored a conference on Political and Structural Arrangements in the New Era of Israeli-Palestinian Relations, which was held in Jerusalem on December 6-8, 1993. Some 21 speakers explored possible structures and relationships between Israel and the autonomy, the political implications of the new arrangements, related experiences of other countries, the politics and election of the Palestinian council, avenues for functional cooperation, and legal and constitutional issues including settlements and jurisdiction. Included among the speakers were four representatives of the Palestinian community � a leading Gaza notable, a professor of political science from Bethlehem, a well-know Jerusalem writer, and a members of the PLO delegation to the peace talks. (JCPA and Konrad Adenauer Foundation, 1994) 218 pp.
     Softcover $10 - NIS 30

BOOK PHOTO Two Peoples - One Land: Federal Solutions for Israel and the Palestinians
Daniel J. Elazar
For over a decade the Jerusalem Center has been exploring federal solutions for Israel, the Palestinians and Jordan as the only way out of the Middle East conflict. Eleven options are explored and a path is suggested for bringing peace to the Land of Israel. (JCPA and University Press of America, 1991) 216 pp.
     Softcover $16.50 - NIS 50

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Israel - Political Economy

BOOK PHOTO The Application of Environmental Finance in the Israeli Setting: The Yarqon River as a Case Study
Conference Proceedings, June 2002
This volume, the ninth in a series on aspects of privatization in Israel, focuses on ways to finance projects that improve the quality of life without dependence on public financing - specifically, the renewal of the Yarqon River in Tel Aviv and the economic development of adjacent areas. This volume presents the views of Israeli and international financial experts, officials of the Yarqon Authority and the Ministry of Environmental Quality, and experts in the fields of law and water management. (JCPA, 2003) 104 pp.
      NIS 35

BOOK PHOTOMethods and Models of Privatization
Forum Proceedings, January 2002
Since the beginning of the privatization process in Israel (in 1985), a number of possible methods of privatization have been available. This volume reviews the various methods of privatization available, and considers a change of emphasis that may help to speed up the process. (JCPA, 2002) 65 pp.
      NIS 35

BOOK PHOTOPrivatization and Workers' Rights
Conference Proceedings, June 2001
One of the greatest blocks to privatization is the problem of protecting workers' rights, this in a country where labor unions are quite strong.(JCPA, 2002) 84 pp.
      NIS 35

BOOK PHOTOPrivatization in Local Government: Models and Lessons
Conference Proceedings, June 2002
This volume focuses on successful privatization efforts in the city of Ashkelon and the growing experience with privatization in other Israeli municipalities, presenting working examples and practical models. It discusses the current experience of Israeli local authorities with outsourcing and join ventures with private companies.(JCPA, 2002) 125 pp.
      NIS 40

BOOK PHOTO Privatization: Alternative Financing for Urban Infrastructure (Hebrew-English)
Conference Proceedings, September 2000
A discussion of the possibility of the first-ever issuance of municipal bonds in Israel to finance the construction of a parking facility at the Habimah Theater in Tel Aviv. (JCPA and the Milken Institute, 2001) 51 pp. in Hebrew and 33 pp. in English.
     Softcover - NIS 35

BOOK PHOTO Privatization and Capital Market Reforms (Hebrew-English)
Forum Proceedings, September 2000
The proceedings of a forum for experts sponsored by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and the Milken Institute. (JCPA and the Milken Institute, 2001) 74 pp. in Hebrew and 18 pp. in English.
     Softcover - NIS 40

Privatization and Increasing Competition in the Israeli Economy Privatization and Increasing Competition in the Israeli Economy (Hebrew-English)
Conference Proceedings, October 1999
This closed forum for experts on "Privatization and Increasing Competition in the Israeli Economy," sponsored by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and the Milken Institute, looked at such topics as capital market reforms, municipal and local reforms, and decentralizing the peace process. (JCPA and the Milken Institute, 2000) 157 pp. in Hebrew and 82 pp. in English
     Softcover $12 - NIS 40

BOOK PHOTO Practical Privatization: Lessons from Cities and Markets (Hebrew-English)
Conference Proceedings, June 1998
The proceedings of a conference on Practical Privatization in Local Government sponsored by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and the Milken Institute, this volume, one of the first of its kind, outlines how outsourcing and privatization can be used by Israel's local authorities to improve their ability to deliver quality services to their residents at lower cost. (JCPA and the Milken Institute, 1999) 122 pp. in Hebrew and 51 pp. in English
     Softcover $12 - NIS 40

BOOK PHOTO The Political Economy of Israel: From Ideology to Stagnation
Yakir Plessner
This work offers a wide-ranging critique of Israel's socialist economy, seeing Israel's economic problems as due to its departure from the institutions and rules which govern predominantly market economies. Israel's economy has been operating on principles too far from European Liberalism (or American neo-Conservatism) and too close to Socialism. While national imperatives may have been a reason for ignoring economic considerations, ultimately this strategy led to domination of the economy by the government and the systematic exclusion and distrust of private enterprise. As long as the economy is not reformed to create a hospitable climate for private investment, Israel will not be able to extricate itself from economic stagnation. (State University of New York Press, 1994) 330 pp.
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Israel - Politics and Elections


Israel at the Polls, 1999
Ben Mollov and Daniel J. Elazar, eds.
The seventh volume in JCPA's "Israel at the Polls" series analyzing Israeli Knesset elections since 1977. (Frank Cass [London], 2001).

Israel at the Polls, 1996
Shmuel Sandler and Daniel J. Elazar, eds.
The sixth volume in JCPA's "Israel at the Polls" series analyzing Israeli Knesset elections since 1977. (Frank Cass [London], 1998) 288 pp.
     Softcover $22.50 - NIS 85

BOOK PHOTO Israel at the Polls, 1992
Daniel J. Elazar and Shmuel Sandler, eds.
Israel at the Polls, 1992 is the fifth book in the "Israel at the Polls" series begun in 1977 with the "upset" in the Israeli elections that brought down the Labor government which had ruled in Israel since the founding of the state. In the 1992 elections Labor returned as the ruling party and this book looks at the question of whether those elections mark the beginning of a new era in Israeli politics. Thirteen essays evaluate the downfall of Likud and the "national" camp, the major and minor parties, and the Israeli Arab and ex-Soviet Jewish vote, as well as the impact of the elections on foreign policy, the Israeli army, the economy, the style of the media campaign, and the role of interest groups. Special chapters focus on Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's personality and style of leadership and review the first year and a half of the Rabin government. (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 1995) 359 pp.
     Softcover $30 - NIS 60

Israel - Society

BOOK PHOTO Illegal Construction in Jerusalem
Justus Reid Weiner
Based on scores of interviews from across the political spectrum - from Mayor Olmert to Sari Nusseibeh, original documents, and on-site inspections - Justus Reid Weiner's heavily illustrated book discredits the conventional wisdom about the causes and effects of illegal building, and documents a pattern of politically-motivated behavior and criminal profiteering that characterizes much of the construction in the Arab sector of the Holy City. (JCPA, 2002) 172 pp. including a fold-out map, charts, tables, documents, and aerial photographs

BOOK PHOTO Religious Zionists in Jerusalem (English and Hebrew)
This detailed study looks at the role of religious Zionists in the city, a fourth major population group (after ultra-Orthodox Jews, secular Jews, and Arabs), who serve as a bridging element between the secular and ultra-Orthodox. (JCPA, 1998) 62 pp.
     Softcover $12 - NIS 35

BOOK PHOTO The Other Jews: The Sephardim Today
Daniel J. Elazar
Current myths which have arisen about the Sephardim must give way to the reality of Sephardic culture as it exists today, especially in light of the Sephardic majority among Israeli Jewry. (Basic Books, 1989) 236 pp.
     Hardcover $28 - NIS 40

BOOK PHOTO Israel's New Future: Interviews
Manfred Gerstenfeld
This book provides a panorama of Israel's problems and some of the keys to solving them. The subjects reviewed include future relations with the United States, Europe, the Vatican, the Islamic world and Jews abroad; the economic, social, cultural and environmental prospects of the country; and special communities such as ultra-Orthodox and kibbutz societies. The 16 interviewees come from the realms of politics, government, banking, academia, diplomacy and literature. (JCPA and Rubin Mass, 1994) 229 pp.
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Jewish Communities Worldwide

BOOK PHOTO American Jewry's Challenge: Conversations Confronting The Twenty-first Century
Manfred Gerstenfeld
Watershed events including the second Palestinian uprising in 2000, September 11, 2001, and the Iraq war are explored in a lengthy introductory essay and in interviews with 17 prominent American Jews. The great majority of those who identify most with the Jewish community have become more supportive due to these events. Attitudes toward Evangelical Christians and Muslims as well as increased anxiety about anti-Zionism on campuses and anti-Semitism are also explored. Structural problems of American Jewry are discussed as well, including the high rate of intermarriage, low fertility, assimilation, reduced voluntarism, the high cost of Jewish living, and a declining percentage of Jewish philanthropy for Jewish causes.      Hardcover $75, Softcover $29.95

BOOK PHOTO Jewish Polity and American Civil Society: Communal Agencies and Religious Movements in the American Public Square
Alan Mittleman, Robert Licht, and Jonathan Sarna, eds.
Jewish Polity and American Civil Society is a study of the civic and political engagements of American Jews as mediated by their communal and denominational institutions. The book explores how the various branches of the organized Jewish community seek to influence public affairs. Over the course of the last century, Jewish agencies and religious movements have tried to shape public debate and public policy on such issues as civil rights, church-state relations, and American foreign policy. The book sets the history of Jewish engagement in these areas into historical context, analyzes the motives, strategies, and tactics of various Jewish groups, and evaluates their successes and failures. The book also explores the underlying idea - the public philosophy - that informs American Jews' understanding of civic and political engagement. (Rowman & Littlefield, 2002), 432 pp.
     Hardcover $75, Softcover $29.95

BOOK PHOTO Jews and the American Public Square: Debating Religion and Republic
Alan Mittleman, Jonathan Sarna, and Robert Licht, eds.
Jews and the American Public Square is a study of how Jews have grappled with the presence of religion, both their own and others, in American public life. It surveys historical Jewish approaches to church-state relations and analyzes Jewish responses to the religion clauses of the First Amendment. The book also explores how the contemporary sociological and political characteristics of American Jews bear on their understanding of the public dimensions of American religion. In addition to a descriptive and analytic approach, the volume is also critical and polemical. Its contributors attack and defend prevailing views, raise critical questions about the political and the intellectual positions favored by American Jews, and propose new syntheses. This book captures the current mood of the Jewish community: both committed to the separation of church and state and perplexed about its scope and application. It provides the necessary background for a principled reconsideration of the problem of religion in the public square. (Rowman & Littlefield, 2002), 384 pp.
     Hardcover $75.00, softcover $29.95

BOOK PHOTO Religion as a Public Good: Jews and Other Americans on Religion and the Public Square
Alan Mittleman, ed.
The idea that religion serves not only a private but the public good is deeply embedded in American thought. Even secular intellectuals such as John Dewey, who was not a friend of traditional religion, thought it necessary for the republic to have, as the title of his famous book put it, "a common faith." The basic idea is that a distinctive set of shared moral beliefs, framed by a common narrative of national character and purpose, is required for a free society. In the absence of loyalty to a monarch or deference to an aristocracy, democracies need shared beliefs and values to bind free and potentially anarchic individuals together. Such was the typical republican theory widely shared in the 18th and 19th centuries. (Rowman & Littlefield, 2003), 335 pp.

BOOK PHOTO Europe's Crumbling Myths: The Post-Holocaust Origins of Today's Anti-Semitism
Manfred Gerstenfeld
Europe's Crumbling Myths explores how developments in post-Holocaust Europe already prefigured the adversities Israel and the Jews face there today. It shows how "new" anti-Semitism is more a continuation and development than an innovation. Few people realize how rampant anti-Semitism and the discrimination of the Jews were in post-Holocaust Europe, and how the legacy of that period laid the basis for today's resurgence of European anti-Semitism. When exposing the persistent anti-Semitic character of many current European attacks on Israel, examples taken from Europe's recent history must play a major role. (JCPA, Yad Vashem, World Jewish Congress, 2003), 240 pp.

BOOK PHOTO Attitudes of American Jews in Comparative Perspective
Steven M. Cohen
An extensive survey of American Jewish attitudes conducted in 2000, comparing the views of Jews, non-Jews, and a group of Jewish leaders. Part of the Jews and the American Public Square project exploring the relationship between the faith and culture of American Jews and their civic engagement. (Center for Jewish Community Studies, 2000), 102 pp. with extensive tables and charts.
     No charge

BOOK PHOTO Jewish Centers and Peripheries: Europe between America and Israel 50 Years After World War II
S. Ilan Troen, ed.
This book examines the reemergence of European Jewry at the end of the twentieth century, through thoughtful articles written by scholars, senior community professionals, volunteer leaders, and former diplomats from Europe, Israel, and America. (Transaction Publishers, 1998) 440 pp.
     Hardcover $40 - NIS 165

BOOK PHOTO Community and Polity: The Organizational Dynamics of American Jewry
Daniel J. Elazar
This revised and updated edition of Community and Polity examines the transformations taking place in local community federations and in the countrywide federation movement, the decline of the mass-based organizations, the shift in the forms and organization of Jewish education, the changes taking place in the synagogue movements, and the problems of Jewish unity generated by intermovement competition. (Jewish Publication Society, 1995) 494 pp.
     Softcover $30 - NIS 90; Hardcover $55 - NIS 165

BOOK PHOTO People and Polity: The Organizational Dynamics of World Jewry
Daniel J. Elazar
This comprehensive volume examines the organizational dynamics of postmodern Jewry and discusses how contemporary Jewish communities are strengthening their traditional ties of kinship to create communal and political bonds to guarantee their survival. (Wayne State University Press, 1989) 520 pp.
     Softcover $26 - NIS 75

BOOK PHOTO Post-Soviet Jewry: Critical Issues
Betsy Gidwitz
This report offers a summary comprehensive overview of Jewish life in the FSU today and how it developed over the past ten years. Its author is not only a recognized expert in Soviet matters, but has traveled extensively throughout the former Soviet Union on fact-finding missions connected with the very practical tasks of helping the Jews there either to leave or to survive locally. (JCPA, 1999) 80 pp.
     Softcover $14 - NIS 55

BOOK PHOTO Still Moving: Recent Jewish Migration in Comparative Perspective
Daniel J. Elazar and Morton Weinfeld, eds.
A study of new styles of Jewish migration in the world today and their impact on public policy. (Transaction Publishers, 1999), 480 pp.

BOOK PHOTO The New Zealand Jewish Community
Stephen Levine
A study of one of the most exotic Jewish communities in the world, prepared as part of the Jerusalem Center's worldwide Study of Jewish Community Organization project. (Lexington Books, 1999), 315 pp.

BOOK PHOTO The Conservative Movement in Judaism: Dilemmas and Opportunities
Daniel J. Elazar and Rela Mintz Geffen
This book analyzes the problems facing the religious movement with the largest synagogue membership in the American Jewish community and outlines a plan of action for the future. Remedying these problems will benefit not just American, but all world Jewry. (SUNY Press, 2000), 252 pp.

Jewish Political Tradition

BOOK PHOTO The Jewish Polity: Jewish Political Organization from Biblical Times to the Present
Daniel J. Elazar and Stuart A. Cohen
This major work covers the Jewish political tradition from its biblical beginnings to the present day. The tradition is illuminated in its various epochs by identifying how its principles and modes of action were embodied in the institutions of the Jewish people over their long history. (Indiana University Press, 1985) 303 pp.
     Hardcover $27.50 - NIS 82

BOOK PHOTO Kinship and Consent: The Jewish Political Tradition and Its Contemporary Uses
Daniel J. Elazar, ed.
The Jewish people as a whole are presently in the process of searching for a usable past. A major part of that search involves the rediscovery of the Jewish political tradition and its application to contemporary conditions in Israel and the diaspora. This now-classic work provides an invaluable introduction to the traditional basis of Jewish political life and the changing faces of the Jewish political tradition over the course of centuries of diaspora life. (Transaction Publishers, 1997) 630 pp.
     Softcover $29.95 - NIS 110

Biblical Political Tradition

BOOK PHOTO Covenant and Polity in Biblical Israel: Biblical Foundations and Jewish Expressions
Volume I of the Covenant Tradition in Politics
Daniel J. Elazar
This work consists of an in-depth exploration of biblical sources of the covenant tradition, its development in Scripture, and subsequently in Jewish history and thought. It traces the interconnections between ideas, culture, and behavior as well as between peoples and generations. Among the topics covered are covenant as a political concept, the Bible as a political commentary, the post-biblical tradition, medieval covenant theory, and Jewish political culture. (Transaction Publishers, 1995) 477 pp.
     Hardcover $55 - NIS 165

BOOK PHOTO Covenant and Commonwealth: From Christian Separation Through the Protestant Reformation
Volume 2 of The Covenant Tradition in Politics
Daniel J. Elazar
The second volume on the Covenant Tradition in Politics examines covenant as a political idea and its related political tradition with the culture and behavior that they produced, to focus on the struggle in Europe to produce a Christian covenantal commonwealth, a struggle that climaxed in the Reformed Protestantism of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. This Christian adaptation of the biblical tradition, the integration of that adaptation with the traditions of the tribal oath societies of Northern Europe, the perforce limited medieval expressions of that synthesis, and the revival of covenant as the architectonic principle of the Protestant Reformation is an intricate and fascinating story. The book also briefly examines covenant and hierarchy in Islam and other premodern polities. (Transaction Publishers, 1996) 400 pp.
     Hardcover $50 - NIS 150

BOOK PHOTO Covenant and Constitutionalism: The Great Frontier and the Matrix of Federal Democracy
Volume 3 of The Covenant Tradition in Politics
Daniel J. Elazar
The ancient biblical idea of covenant gave birth to the late medieval Protestant pursuit of commonwealth in a polity constructed on the proper covenantal principles. These principles subsequently were transformed into the foundations of modern civil society that was given its best political form through constitutionalism. The way in which these ideas were transformed by modernity is the subject of this book. (Transaction Publishers, 1998) 300 pp.
     Hardcover $50 - NIS 185

BOOK PHOTO Covenant and Civil Society: The Constitutional Matrix of Modern Democracy
Volume 4 of The Covenant Tradition in Politics
Daniel J. Elazar
This volume explores the idea of political compact, constitutional systems, popular sovereignty, and the development of consociational and cooperative forms of political and social organization, especially in modern and early postmodern Europe. (Transaction Publishers, 1998) 382 pp.
     Hardcover $54.95 - NIS 220

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Jewish Thought

BOOK PHOTO Wrestling Until Day-Break: Searching for Meaning in the Thinking on the Holocaust
Eliezer Schweid
Time has not obscured the harrowing memory of the cruel events of the Holocaust. Among the important Jewish thinkers who wrestled with problems of faith and ethics during the Holocaust and whose thought are discussed here are Rabbi Leo Baeck, the central communal leader of German Jewry during the Nazi period; Dr. Victor Frankl, a world-renowned psychiatrist and religious philosopher imprisoned by the Nazis; Rabbi Yissachar Teichthal, a prominent Talmudic scholar in Budapest; and a number of leaders of the Jewish underground in the ghettos of Eastern Europe. The volume also includes an examination of the same moral problems from a post-Holocaust perspective a generation later. (JCPA & University Press of America, 1993) 360 pp.
     Softcover $18.50 - NIS 55

BOOK PHOTO A Classification System for Libraries of Judaica
David H. Elazar and Daniel J. Elazar
The third revised edition of the Elazar Classification System, first invented and applied in 1952 to allow for the cataloging of materials in any Judaica collection based on internal Jewish criteria. The system has been adopted throughout the Jewish world for use in libraries in synagogues, community centers, Hebrew schools, college campuses, and research institutions. (Jason Aronson, 1997) 264 pp.
     Softcover $50 - NIS185

BOOK PHOTO The Jewish Experience of Time: Philosophical Dimensions of the Jewish Holy Days
Eliezer Schweid
Winner of the Israel Prize in Jewish Thought, Prof. Schweid presents a systemized overall view of how the sequence of time is structured in the Jewish calendar. (Jason Aronson, 2000).

Federal Solutions to World Problems

BOOK PHOTO Commonwealth: The Other Road to Democracy -- The Swiss Model of Democratic Self-Government
Daniel J. Elazar, ed.
The Swiss model of communal democracy is expressed through modern ideas of commonwealth, a model of a kind of democracy that has all but disappeared in the United States, and which is critically important for the world. Indeed, the Swiss political system contains many elements which may provide the democratic antidote to many of the problems of the American political system. (Lexington Books, 2001) 287 pp.
     Hardcover - $75 (Order direct from publisher)

BOOK PHOTO Constitutionalizing Globalization
Daniel J. Elazar
This book documents the revival of federal arrangements around the world and the development of appropriate global and regional constitutional mechanisms and controls that are part of a general shift from modern statism to postmodern federalism. (Rowman & Littlefield, 1998) 258 pp.
     Softcover $23.95 - NIS 90

BOOK PHOTO Federal Systems of the World: A Handbook of Federal, Confederal and Autonomy Arrangements
Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
Written and Edited by Daniel J. Elazar and the JCPA Staff
Of the over 180 politically sovereign states now in existence, 50 are either federations or include within them forms of self-determination and self-government which represent extensions of the federal principle or applications of the idea of political autonomy. The previous edition of this handbook (1991) represented the first major effort to inventory and describe all known examples of federal and autonomous arrangements, compare their basic features, and classify them by form. This fully updated edition documents the extensive changes in the state system in recent years, including the dramatic events in the former USSR, Germany, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, and the European Community/Union. (Longman Current Affairs [UK], 1994) 380 pp.
     Hardcover - 85 Pounds Sterling (Order direct from publisher)

BOOK PHOTO Federalism and the Way to Peace
Daniel J. Elazar
The end of the Cold War has ushered in a new and dangerous era of fragmentation, ethnic conflict and heightened nationalism worldwide. This collection of essays argues that the key to peace in many of these conflicts is in embracing one form or another of the federal idea: combining self-rule with shared rule. Presenting fresh perspectives on the variety and flexibility of federal ideas and their applicability to a wide range of troubled regions in the world, this volume offering insights for those faced with the task of redefining their political communities or rediscovering the values of peaceful coexistence. (Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, 1994) 170 pp.
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Israel's Educational System

     The Jerusalem Center's program on Israel's Educational System, initially a joint venture of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and the Milken Family Foundation, conducts applied research on educational problems from a systematic perspective to better deal with the educational needs of the 21st century.
    Research Reports:
  • "Education and Socio-Economic Achievements: Towards an International Survey of Educational Systems," Erik H. Cohen (1991), 77 pp., $10 - NS30
  • "Education Policy at a Crossroads - Between Change and Continuity: Education in Israel in the Past Decade" (Hebrew and English), Haim Gaziel (1993), 136 pp., $12 - NS35
  • "Involvement of 'Outsiders' in Israeli Schools" (Hebrew), Erik H. Cohen (1993), 136 pp., $15 - NS45
  • "Survey of Israeli Research in Education, 1975-1995," Shoshana Langerman (1996), 63 pp., $10 - NS30
  • "Trends in the Israel Education Budget in the 1980s" (Hebrew and English), Shimon Rosevitz (1993), 87 pp., $10 - NS30
  • "Unity and Diversity of Culture and Curriculum in the Israeli Education System," Jo-Ann Harrison (1994), 430 pp., $45 - NS135
  • "Unity and Diversity of Culture and Curriculum in the Israeli Education System" - Abstract (Hebrew), Jo-Ann Harrison (1995), 116 pp., $12 - NS35
  • "The Effect of Class Heterogeneity on Scholastic Achievement in Israel," Victor Lavy (1997) 65 pp.; NIS25
  • "Decentralization of Education Authority in Local Government" (Hebrew), Dan Inbar and Maya Choshen (1997), 158 pp.; NIS35
  • "Gray Education in Israel in the 1990s" (Hebrew), Erik and Einat Cohen (1997), 184 pp.; NIS35
  • "Evaluating the Effect of School Hours and Class Size on Student Achievement in Israel," Victor Lavy (1999), 43 pp.; NIS35

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Since 1978, the Jerusalem Letter/Viewpoints series of policy reports has offered analysis and opinion about changing events in Israel, the Jewish world, and beyond to the Jewish leadership and others interested in Israel, the Jewish People, and the Middle East. Each semi-monthly report (24 per year) relates to a current issue, with an in-depth analysis that gives many of the reports a timeliness beyond the moment. More than 400 issues have appeared to date.

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Jerusalem Letter Study Kits

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs has been publishing its Jerusalem Letter/Viewpoints series for over two decades, with every issue providing an up-to-date and sophisticated analysis of significant developments in Israel, the Jewish world, and beyond. Jerusalem Letter/Viewpoints collections offer a rich learning resource, with each collection focusing on a particular issue. Jerusalem Letter Study Kits are available for the following themes:
  • The Jewishness of the Jewish State
  • Building Israeli Democracy: Constitutionalism, Politics, and Peace
  • The Jewish People: Beginning a New Epoch
  • Contemporary Israel: The Clash of Issues
  • Israel and the Palestinians
  • The Middle East: Israeli Perspectives
  • Israel-United States Relations
  • American Jewry: Selected Policy Issues
  • The Jews in the USSR and its Successor Republics

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