Israel's Educational System
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Israel's Educational System

The Jerusalem Center's program on Israel's Educational System, initially a joint venture of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and the Milken Family Foundation, conducts applied research on educational problems from a systematic perspective to better deal with the educational needs of the 21st century.

Our Latest Studies

The Impact of Technology on Secondary School Mathematics
Michal Yerushalmy
      This project produced three CDs containing videos of mathematics lessons in classes studying the "Visual Mathematics" algebra curriculum for junior high school and pre-calculus for senior high school. Explanatory brochures are provided in English and Hebrew. These materials are designed for use by teachers and researchers interested in learning the use of technology for understanding the mathematical dimension of reality. (Milken Center for the Study of Educational Systems, 2000)
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Evaluating the Effect of School Hours and Class Size on Student Achievement in Israel
Victor Lavy
      Increasing school hours has a much larger effect on achievement than does a reduction in class size and costs less to implement. (Milken Center for the Study of Educational Systems, 1999) 44 pp.; NIS30.

The Effect of Class Heterogeneity on Scholastic Achievement in Israel