Human Rights, and International Law
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Human Rights and International Law

Justus R. Weiner is an international human rights lawyer and a member of the Israel and New York Bar Associations. He is currently a Scholar in Residence at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and an adjunct lecturer at Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University.

Publications resulting from his research on human rights and international law include:

Tal Becker, an international lawyer who served as an assistant legal adviser at the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is the author of a comprehensive study addressing the legal implications for the international community of a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state.

Countries such as China, Russia, India, and Indonesia -- that may be inclined recognize a unilaterally declared Palestinian state -- should think twice about doing so, lest this be used as a precedent for secessionist movements in their own countries.

For the complete study, see "International Recognition of a Unilaterally Declared Palestinian State: Legal and Policy Dilemmas".