Jewish Communal Service in the U.S.A.
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BOOK PHOTO The Director had a Heart Attack and the President Resigned: A Handbook on Board-Staff Relations
Gerald B. Bubis
This volume offers a solid manual on how to deal with the realities and practicalities of board-staff relations, principally but not exclusively in Jewish organizations. It contains thoughtful articles dealing with the issues of the governance of non-profit organizations and board-staff relations of those non-profits. Also included are over fifty scenarios from real life, short case studies of true situations which touch on most of the problems that volunteers and professionals confront in the course of their working together. A third section contains tools and exercises for dealing with different kinds of board and staff problems. (JCPA, 1999) 368 pp.
     Softcover $25 - NIS100

BOOK PHOTO "Post-Zionist" Philanthropists: Emerging Attitudes of American Jewish Leaders toward Communal Allocations
Steven M. Cohen and Gerald B. Bubis
This report examines the changing attitudes of the voluntary and professional leadership of Federations and the Federation "family" of organizations regarding the allocation of American Jewish communal resources mobilized through federated giving to Israel. It reveals a growing feeling on the part of both that they have domestic needs that must take priority within the framework of the world Jewish polity that emerged after 1967. (JCPA, 1998) 44 pp.
     Softcover $14.50 - NIS60

American Jewish Leaders View Board-Staff Relations
Gerald B. Bubis and Steven M. Cohen
The first study of its kind conducted in the American Jewish community, this monograph probes the thinking of 830 national and local professional and volunteer leaders in UJA, CJF, UIA, Federations, Jewish Community Centers, Community Relations Councils, and Family Services. Based on a social scientific survey, it reports on the issues which most frequently cause difficulties between board and staff members including views on their respective power, how well they perform their jobs, and what they perceive as points of agreement and conflict. (JCPA, 1998) 48 pp.; $12.50, NIS50

Serving the Jewish Polity: The Application of Jewish Political Theory to Jewish Communal Practice
Gerald B. Bubis, Daniel J. Elazar, and Melvin L. Silberman, eds.
A handbook for the use of teachers and students in the schools and programs of Jewish communal service in the United States. (JCPA, 1997) 265 pp.