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Search Results for: “The Role of NGOs in Exploiting Human Rights to Demonize Israel ” (10 Results)

Abusing the Legacy of the Holocaust: The Role of NGOs in Exploiting Human Rights to Demonize Israel

In the wake of the Holocaust, as human rights norms have come to the fore, NGOs have become major actors in international politics in general and in the Arab-Israeli conflict in particular. These organizations and their leaders form an extremely powerful “NGO community” that has propelled the anti-Israeli agenda in international frameworks such as the UN Human Rights Commission and the 2001 UN Conference against Racism in Durban. Through their reports, press releases, and influence among academics and diplomats, these NGOs propagated false charges of “massacre” during the Israeli army’s antiterror operation in Jenin (Defensive Shield) and misrepresent Israel’s separation barrier as an “apartheid wall.”  Read More »

Jewish Political Studies Review Home

About     Research Areas     Subscribe     Back Issues     Special Issues      Article Subjects Latest Issue:   Volume 25, Numbers 1–2 (Spring 2013) Message from the Editor The Threat to Freedom of Speech about Israel: Campus Shout-Downs and the Spirit of the First Amendment […]  Read More »

JPSR Articles by Subject

About   Research Areas   Subscribe   Back Issues   Special Issues   Article Subjects    A Sampling of JPSR Articles Europe and Israel     International Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism  Israeli-Palestinian Conflict      Arab World       Israeli International Relations Israeli National Identity      American Jewish Community      Jewish Political […]  Read More »

JPSR: Back Issues

About   Research Areas   Subscribe   Back Issues   Special Issues   Article Subjects   Latest Issue: Volume 25, Numbers 1–2 (Spring 2013) Message from the Editor The Threat to Freedom of Speech about Israel: Campus Shout-Downs and the Spirit of the First Amendment by Justus Reid Weiner  Evangelical […]  Read More »

The Twenty-first-century Total War Against Israel and the Jews: Part Two

The Perpetrators, the Anti-Semitic Hate Motifs Used, the War’s Methodology, the Hate Distribution Mechanisms, and a Strategy for Countercombat  Read More »

European Politics: Double Standards Toward Israel

The relationship between Europe and Israel is complex, tense, and historically loaded. A growing gap has developed between their political outlooks. European political actions can continue to cause Israel so many problems and harms that these in the longer run may increasingly dominate all other aspects of the relationship.
  Read More »

Manufacturing and Exploiting Compassion: Abuse of the Media by Palestinian Propaganda

In the struggle for hearts and minds, imagery is more compelling than dry, defensive arguments.  Read More »

“New” Anti-Semitism in Contemporary German Academia

It is one of the bitter ironies of the dialectics of modernity that the very sphere of science and academia, the purpose of which is to enlighten mankind, has provided intellectual cover to modern Jew-hatred. It was in Germany of all places that scientific discovery and academic discourse were subject to the utmost perversion, contributing intellectually and technically to the Holocaust.   Read More »

The Gaza War and the New Outburst of Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli manifestations reached post-Second World War highs during Israel’s recent Gaza campaign. A number of new hate thresholds were crossed. There were much-increased public expressions of equating Israel with Nazi Germany. Calls for the murder of Jews abounded for the first time in demonstrations in Germany, as well as in the United States. A number of actions by various independent Muslim bodies in several Western countries manifested their desire to conquer the public  Read More »

What the West Should Learn From the Assault on Israel and the Jews

European states over the past decades did not understand that the threats Israel was encountering in those years were essentially precursors of the menaces they would face as well. Had leading European politicians realized that a broader assault by radical Islam was underway – ultimately directed at their countries rather than at Israel alone – they likely would not have made the major errors they committed – particularly in the area of immigration – that have undermined European security today.  Read More »